Alterna concept GmbH

Value-added tax refund proceedings for Germany and Austria


Who can apply the VAT refund ?

Every company

  • of the countries of the European Union
  • third state countries

    Andorra        Antigua and Barbuda Bahamas
    Bahrain Bermudas British Virgin Islands
    Brunei   Canada Cayman Island
    Gibraltar  Grenada  Greenland
    Guernsey Hong Kong Iran
    Island Israel Jamaica
    Japan Jersey Qatar
    Korea (South) Kuwait Lebanon
    Liberia  Libya Macao
    Maldives  Macedonia  Netherlands Antilles
    Norway  Oman  Salomon Islands
    San Marino Saudi Arabia  Switzerland
    St. Vincent  Swaziland   Vatican
    United Arab Emirates USA  


What kind of expenses including VAT?

  • Fair presentation (space rate / maintenance / services etc.)
  • Additional hotel costs • Entertainment expenses in restaurants and bars
  • Fuel (only in Germany for member states of the European Union)
  • Railway, busses, taxies
  • Other purchases

In every payment for German invoices and receipts there are mainly 19% VAT included and refundable. The Austrian VAT is mainly 20%.

What is your part ?

The whole proceedings needs less than one hour for you

We will settle everything else for you in due time.

Our package of service is consisting of:

  • Verification and fiscal valuation of your filed documents
  • If necessary, requirement of corrected invoices in Germany
  • Issue and submission of VAT refunding application
  • Checking of VAT refunding assessment
  • Formal objection (in case that the amount of refund does not comply with the VAT application)

The fee for our service is 12% from the refunded VAT and it is due after the refund is credited to your bank account.


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